Shidu now has more than 100 agency that covers 32 provinces, municipality and special district. You can choose the nearest agency to get all information of Shidu products. At the same time free maintenance and repair service will be offered by the agencies. Contact with our workmate if you need, we will repair your engine after receive your requied.

After-sale service 

Dear user, it means the last buyer, thank you for your choosing Shidu products and service. We offer after-sale service according to this policy to our products including voice amplifier, digital speaker, blue tooth speaker. Shidu promise that we offer no reason return service in 7 days after receiving, return in 15 days if there is quality problem, repair in two years, you can contact with us to transact after-sale service.
Returns and exchanges flow 

If there are any quality problems, please contact us as soon as possible after sales customer service.Shidu products provide two years warranty service, coinsurance (capital city) network services throughout the country,also you can send back to our after-sale department, we are happy to be of service to you.According to the following process to deliver the products together back to our company. Please contact our after-sale customer service before return it back, hot line 4008-939-488, working time Monday to Sunday 9:00-18:00.

①.1. Please contact our after-sale customer service before, say the reason carefully . We will solve the problem within 2 business days after receipt.
②.If you handle return, must ensure that the appearance is in good condition, including product packaging, complete accessories accessories, manuals, warranty cards, etc, will send invoice, please.
③.Address: 6F Zhaofeng Industry park,NO.3 Hangkong RD,Bao'an District,Shenzhen China 528126.
Warranty service commitments 

If your product or attachments (random purchase or buy alone) in line with the warranty conditions, please buy the original or copy of the invoice, need warranty products or accessories sent to Shidu digital after-sales service center to enjoy the warranty service.

①.2 years for the resulting in failure of products for free maintenance. More than 2 years can enjoy lifelong maintenance service, you only need to pay a little fee.
②.The cooperation of dealers, you can visit city authorized service outlets to product for repair, also can contact after-sales service and the product sent back ten degrees company for repair.
③.Cooperative dealers at the same time can provide you with free software maintenance services, and provide the machine repairing service, if you have any need please contact our staff, we will promptly after accepting mail your machine to return to factory maintenance.
Warranty, replacement restrictions (following can't apply to repair or replacement terms) 

①.products using normal wear and tear.
②.because the human damage (including but not limited to: the damage caused by the fall, extrusion, collision, with splashes of liquid, chemical corrosion, internal damage caused by foreign bodies from entering the product).
③.due to the use, maintenance, maintain undeserved and cause damage (including but not limited to: used for abnormal use purposes, caused by incorrect connection, test damage).
④.unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, neglect, abuse, into the liquid, accident, change, incorrect installation of the goods caused by quality problems, tear, altered or labeling, anti-counterfeiting mark.
⑤.products beyond the warranty period.
⑥.the damage is caused due to force majeure.
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