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一、General rules
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2.This legal rules may be changed sometimes, users who are using this site should notice that immediately, we refuse to assume obligation of informing. 

二、Terms of service 
1.All information and software of this website are provided according to the status without any warranties or conditions express or implied, including accuracy, timeliness and non-infringement implied warranty or guarantee.
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3.Refer to this web site or link information are to provide users with convenient services,Links to web sites, the content of the website and its description or provide products and services are not controlled by ten degrees 

三、Use of the site's content 
1.This web site for users to upload audio, images, words, pictures and other documents, there is no strict censorship obligation, users to upload any file to ensure that does not infringe any rights of third parties, unless the user or the holder of the special specifications, otherwise the behavior of the users to upload data as a licensing, namely ten degrees for uploading files on this site shall have the right to free use of permanent. 
2.Any unit or individual that this website may infringe upon their legitimate rights and interests, should be timely to ten degrees right to submit a written notice, and provide identity certificates, certificate of ownership, the link (URL) and tort cases proved in detail. Ten degrees after receiving the legal documents, will now be removed as soon as possible in accordance with the relevant content of the alleged infringement. 

四、Exeception clause 
1.This website for any user or the third party for any loss, including but not limited to loss of data, due to copy or download this website information or data shall not be liable for any loss caused by whether or not it is based on guarantee, contract, tort, illegal ACTS, or any other legal theory, whether or not this web site also has suggests the possibility of such damage in advance. 
2. This website reserves the right to in accordance with state laws, regulations and rules of the BBS, software center rules in this web site to users to upload and publish information and comments on management and supervision, but does not undertake any responsibility. 
3.Because the government has the right to authority organization according to the provisions of laws and administrative rules and regulations require disclosure of personal information, this website will be subject to the law or to the government for public security shall have the right to authority organization to provide personal information, and does not need to take any responsibility. Is the purpose of this web site provides information and methods in order to better service to our visitors, based on the existing technology of the Internet industry, this site does not guarantee the absolute accuracy and completeness of all projects, so is only for reference for those who need to. 

五、Applicable law and jurisdiction 
1.Disputes of this declaration or use of this web site apply to the applicable law of the People's Republic of China. 
2.Arising from the performance of this declaration or use of this web site, should talk things over solve, if consultation fails, the parties have agreed to by the ten degrees of the people's court in the locality lawsuit is solved. 

1.Ten degrees has take reasonable measures to prevent computer viruses appear in the web page, but there is no absolute perfect on the information network security, this website can't make a absolute guarantee of computer virus, so please make sure that users to take appropriate safety precautions. This site does not assume any responsibility for computer virus. 
2.Within the scope of the law allows, this website reserves the right to explain and illustrate this statement.
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