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Shenzhen SHIDU Digital Co. Ltd with the HKTDC HongKong ELECTRONICS FAIR

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From October 13th to October 16th  in 2017 HKTDC HongKong ELECTRONICS FAIR(spring was held in Hongkong Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Center and products exhibited attracted the domestic and foreign audiences.

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The exhibition will focus on displaying two wireless UHF loudspeakers S92, with training and teaching  Voice Amplifier S90 have high power, and cloth waterproof Bluetooth speaker T7, legendary original singing acoustics K5 and so on. We have also brought rich results and on-site signing orders. Congratulations on them from the Ministry of Foreign Trade

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Primary sound amplifier 

Over the past five years, SHIDU  have been studying products in the field of loudspeakers, leading the development of the wireless amplifying market by putting forward the concept of "original sound", and Boldly put forward the decision to phase out FM wireless technology in 2013. In 2014 and 2015, 2.4G and UHF wireless technologies were successfully developed .After several years of market development, the products have been became consumers' first choice.

2017HK qiu-4.jpg

Original sound Bluetooth sound box

The new series of SHIDU digital original Bluetooth speakers is a beautiful landscape line at this exhibition. In 2016,SHIDU release "Yue return" strategic direction, Create a path of development that belongs to us,SHIDU products into thousands of families.

2017HK qiu-5.jpg

Audio t8- opens the new era of national music

The appearance of the desktop audio Bluetooth speaker T8 and Bluetooth speaker T7 cloth have become the necessary choice for everyone to take photos. The audio T8 Bluetooth speaker after personally debugging by the master for 10 months,Double 15 W 7.4V strong magnetic rare earth, with the same factory horn as Haman.

2017HK qiu-6.jpg

The combination of cloth and waterproof

The Bluetooth loudspeaker T7 has not been released . It is very beautiful at the exhibition site, and it is a fashionable outdoor product with four kinds of materials include silica gel, fabric, plastic and leather, and it ‘s a high value product with IPX4 function. 

2017HK qiu-7.jpg

Karaoke audio sound  

The exhibition for the first time for foreign customers to show SHIDU the legendary K5 home entertainment audio, this portable karaoke audio is  SHIDU after 10 months of time to develop the products listed, to create a portable karaoke, let the good continuation of the legendary K5! 

2017HK qiu-8.jpg

I speak for  SHIDU

The exhibition was praised by a large number of customers, and even a foreign friend was cheering on the scene. 

2017HK qiu-9.jpg
2017HK qiu-10.jpg

Product marketing 

 SHIDU only do products, products that is marketing. Over the years,  SHIDU has always insisted on doing products by heart, constantly improving the function of products guided by user needs experience, and has paid a lot of energy in handling the "original sound".  original singing sound, or small Bluetooth speaker,  all can show the industry-level sound quality.

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SHIDU digital focus on original audio, create Chinese original sound brand

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